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November 2012

A Bi-Partisan, Post-Election Pledge to Promote American Dignity

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    I pledge to accept the result of this presidential election as something beyond my power to control or to change.

    I pledge to accept the winner as the leader of my country and to evaluate his actions and decisions without partisan bias.

    I pledge to exercise my right to free speech constructively and without derision.

    I pledge to stand with my fellow Americans as one nation, united, because I still believe that, divided, we fall.

    I pledge to prioritize progress, prosperity and peace over party affiliation.

    I pledge to remain as engaged in and informed of national political issues after the election as I was during the campaign.

    Above all, I pledge to embody a higher standard of American dignity for myself, my countrymen and our progeny.

    20121106 091624 A Bi Partisan, Post Election Pledge to Promote American Dignity


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