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November 2012

10 Free iPad Apps to Create Cool Visuals For Your Blog

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Blog better with iPad free apps

    1) Layers Standard Edition:

    Add transparency, layer up to three images over one another, write on your photos and more.  I use this tool principally for adding handwritten text to my photos (see below), but its uses are far more numerous for someone with just a little more graphic design skill and patience than me.

    Save Options: Save to photo library, send via email, copy, upload to Layers gallery, share via Facebook, or print.

    20121115 130541 450x600 10 Free iPad Apps to Create Cool Visuals For Your Blog

    2) Storify:

    Curate the social web with the Storify app.  Collect tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Instagram images and more, add your own text, and combine it all together on a single Storify board.  (Note: I hesitate to recommend Storify because I’ve had several problems with the app recently.  Most importantly, Storify drafts that I create using the iPad app don’t sync to my Storify account until they’re published.  This means that I can’t edit a story on my desktop if I created it on my iPad without first publishing it.  Hopefully this bug will be rectified quickly.)

    Share Options: Publish to Storify then share on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or via email.  An embed code is available to inset published stories into blog posts, but WordPress also has a dedicated Storify plugin which allows you to insert a story directly from your edit post toolbar.

    Here’s a picture of Star Trek’s Michael Dorn (Worf), Brent Spiner (Data), and Scott Bakula (Archer) making dinner together for Patrick Stewart’s son’s birthday.

    3) WordFoto:

    Turn your photos into text collages. This is actually an iPhone app which can be used in an enlarged version on the iPad.  In spite of this, the WordFoto app is one of my absolute favorites because it allows the design-challenged (like myself) to venture effortlessly into the realm of typography. WordFoto comes with 6 presets, but it also allows you to create your own preset by selecting the font, font-size, density, color scheme, etc.

    Save Options: Save to photo library, share on Facebook, or send by email.  


    20121115 103150 10 Free iPad Apps to Create Cool Visuals For Your Blog


    4) Stamp It!:

    Stamp It! is a very basic tool which pretty much does what you’d expect: place a text stamp on your images.  Despite its mono-functionality, it’s a quick, easy and creative way to make a strong visual point. Save Options:  Save to photo library, post to Facebook, or send by email.

     20121115 113158 10 Free iPad Apps to Create Cool Visuals For Your Blog

    5) Meme Generator

    Build your own memes using your own images or one of the popular memes included in the app gallery.

    Save Options: Save to photo library, copy, print, send via email, or share on Facebook, Twitter, eLOL, and Reddit.

     20121115 130254 450x337 10 Free iPad Apps to Create Cool Visuals For Your Blog


    6) Keep Calm Creator:

    Add original text, choose your color scheme, add one of the many included icons and click save!  That’s all it takes to create your own “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster using this great free app.

    Save Options:  Save to photo library.

    20121115 135030 450x600 10 Free iPad Apps to Create Cool Visuals For Your Blog

    7) MegaPhoto:

    Apply one of more than 100 photo effects to images or videos.  The downside: it doesn’t appear that you can apply these effects to saved images or videos from your photo library, but, rather, you must use your iPad camera from within the app in order to apply an effect.  Still, the sheer volume of effects to choose from is reason alone to add this to your collection.

    Save Options: Save to camera roll, share on Facebook, share on Twitter, or send by email.  

    20121115 102417 10 Free iPad Apps to Create Cool Visuals For Your Blog


    8) iColorama

    An absolute MUST have app for transforming photos into works of art.  With nearly as many special effects and image adjustment features as GIMP, iColorama does it all.  You can modify tone (B&W, Pastel, Bleach, etc.), Style (sketch, paint, halftone, etc.), Effects (denoise, sharpen, blend, etc.), Form (crop, straighten, tile, etc.) and much more.

    Save Options: Save to photo album, send via email, print, copy, or share via Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

    20121115 122656 10 Free iPad Apps to Create Cool Visuals For Your Blog


    9) Note Anytime:

    Create anything from infographics to storyboards to mind maps with the Note Anytime app.  This tool allows you to insert images from your iPad library or snag them straight from the web.  Add handwritten notes or type your own text.  The pages generated can be saved as an image or a PDF.

    Save Options: Save to photo library, save as PDF, send to an iPad application, send via email, print, or share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.  

    20121115 143024 10 Free iPad Apps to Create Cool Visuals For Your Blog

    10) Moquu

    Create animated GIFs using your saved images or the camera on your iPad.  Use the editor to change the frame speed, delete frames and add color effects.

    Sharing Options: In order to retrieve the embed code for your blog or website, you must first publish your GIF to the Moquu website.  You can choose to make your GIF private, however, so it wouldn’t be openly accessible from the Moquu gallery.  

    Here’s a GIF of Jimi peacefully allowing Glenn to sleep in:



    That’s all for now, folks!  If you know of or find another great FREE iPad app for enhancing the visual appeal of a blog post, please share it with us in the comments below!



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