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These are the voyages of the Starship She-Genius.

She-Genius Corielle Heath

Fill out the form below to determine whether you’ll like it here or just feel really confused and uncomfortable and actually sort of violated and regret ever having read this blog in the first place because now you suffer from Dr. Who night terrors.



Results Decoder:

One box checked = We’ll probably get along just fine. Then, one day, I’ll post something which I find funny but which you feel is in horribly bad taste. You may post an angry comment before ending our friendship, or you may simply pack all your clothes and slip out in the night. Time will tell.

Two to five boxes checked = We could probably hang out in person without much awkwardness. If you live in Miami or Chicago and would like to attempt this, please send me an email with evidence that you are not a serial murder.

Six or more boxes checked = You are probably me, filling out this survey during a moment of boredom. Go for a jog or something. Seriously.

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